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About Us

AvaTweet is a platform for people to connect on by using their Twitter account. We provide a collection of fun games and tests for you and your friends to play. With already hundreds of active people on our platform, we are upcoming as a trending application. AvaTweet uses data collected from Twitter to calculate the results of our tests and compiles them into an image for some extra sexy appearance. With currently over 220.000 users and over 240.000 tweets sent, AvaTweet works towards creating a platform for people have fun on and challenge their friends to do the same.

Good to know

  • Because of the sudden growth in popularity, we are forced to withold users with less than 50 followers from tweeting out their testresults.
  • AvaTweet uses a dot (.) for thousands seperation and commas (,) for decimal seperation.
  • If you encounter an error or bug, please don't hesitate to contact us at @AvaTweetApp on Twitter.


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